Professional Services From Evaluation to Commercial Deployment — We're Here to Help

The Process

  • Step 1 Evaluate

    Every journey begins with a single step. In this case that step is requesting an evaluation kit. We will support you in get everything set up and configured, over email or phone.

    If you're having trouble we may even want to stop by.

  • Step 2 Integrate

    Once you've fell in love with the user experiences our solutions enable we will help you realize them on your network. First we need to get your Wi-Fi equipment ready™.

    Once you've tested your equipment with new firmware in your lab it's time to integrate your chosen solutions in your network.

  • Step 3 Trial

    The software defined nature of our solutions makes field trials a breeze; you can selectively enable the service for just a small subset of your subscribers, e.g. a beta group or even just your colleagues, while leveraging your entire installed base of Wi-Fi assets for coverage.

  • Step 4 Deploy

    Deploying our carrier Wi-Fi solutions is really just an expansion of your field trial; you simply enable the service for more and more subscribers until you're at full production volume. Maximal simplicity — minimal risk.

Our Services

  • Firmware-integration

    Firmware Integration

    Get your equipment ready™

    Firmware is not called firm for no reason; it's notoriously difficult to change. But we've done it before and can do it again.

    We have extensive experience and ready reference integrations for numerous residential gateway and access point platforms from Broadcom, Qualcomm Atheros, Ralink and Realtek. With professional firmware integration services from us firmware integration typically takes less than two man-weeks, and your vendor should not have to do more than open their doors.

    Our software engineering services are available worldwide.

  • Solution-integration

    Solution Integration

    Connect our solutions to your OSS/BSS systems

    If you want to provide your carrier Wi-Fi services to your subscribers for free then firmware may be your only integration point. For instance with SIMPLE™ you are reusing the home Wi-Fi passphrase for authentication and by extension reusing your fixed-line service life-cycle management solution to manage access to your carrier Wi-Fi service; integration with OSS/BSS systems may not be necessary.

    However, if you want to charge for service or authenticate subscribers using other credentials then you may need to integrate with BSS/OSS systems. We can help you with that integration.

  • Solution-management

    Solution Management

    Carrier Wi-Fi as a Service

    We can run your carrier Wi-Fi service for you: hosting our core products in the cloud; monitoring service quality; identifying improvement opportunities; detecting and replacing failed hardware; the works.

    As part of a solution agreement we define a clear boundry between us. You decide how much you want on your side of the court; you can start with a fully managed solution and move to self-hosted when the economics of scale allow.