Carrier Wi-Fi Solutions Delightful User Experiences — Across Vendor Boundaries

Solutions for fixed-line ISPs


Traditonal Hotspots or Homespots — Just Better!

HOTSPOT lets a fixed-line operator leverage existing Wi-Fi assets to provide coverage for a traditional hotspot network, with web based or EAP authentication. The user experience remains the same, but the platform brings additional benefits; spectrum aware traffic prioritization protects the residential subscriber's quality of service and fine-graned radio policy control improves the average session quality for your mobile users.


The Home Wi-Fi User Experience on the Go

SIMPLE lets a fixed-line operator extend the home Wi-Fi user experience outside the home. Devices always authenticate against the home gateway using the WPA passphrase already stored in the device. There is no registration process; no software to install on the device; not even any settings to change.

Solutions for Mobile Network Operators


Secure Mobile Wi-Fi Offload with SIM authentication

MOBILE lets an MNO or MVNO offload mobile data onto existing residential gateways, with authentication directly against the SIM card and end-to-end encryption all the way from the device to a trusted location. This means that even untrusted residential gateways can be integrated into a mobile network as a "trusted non-3GPP access" and that mobile data can be securely offloaded without the investment or complexity of femtocells.