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We Help ISPs Create Amazing Wi-Fi Experiences for Subscribers on the Go — Experiences that Inspire Loyalty, Reduce Cost and Generate New Revenue.

Delight Your Subscribers —
Reduce Churn

It's a fact: mobile Wi-Fi services reduce fixed-line churn. But only if your subscribers actually use them.

Traditional homespots rarely attract more than 15% of subscribers. With our solutions you can expect to see 95% of subscribers on your community network, on multiple devices, several times a day.


Bring Your Own Access Points

Carrier Wi-Fi requires features that simply are not available on consumer-grade Wi-Fi access points and gateways: link-level admission control, airtime fairness and advanced traffic prioritization to name just a few.

We've squeezed these features into a tiny software component that can easily be retrofitted in just about any residential gateway or access point.

Want to build a Proof of Concept? Install it as a package on any Wi-Fi router that runs Openwrt in 5 minutes or less!


Gain Deep Insights

Our Controller lets you manage carrier Wi-Fi services distributed across millions of access points. But it also lets you monitor the quality of those services, in unprecedented detail.

By combining our solutions with an operational intelligence tool like Splunk you can evaluate the effect of new admission control policies, find areas where coverage can be improved or even correlate quality of experience with churn.

Security You Can Really Trust

If you've rolled out a carrier Wi-Fi service you've probably had to use tunnels here and there to ensure traffic separation and traceability. But if we have to tunnel anyway, why not tunnel the raw encrypted Wi-Fi traffic? This lets you rest assured that your subscribers are safe, even if an attacker is in control of an access point.


Innovative Architecture — Standard Interfaces

We take great pride in our innovative Software-Defined Wireless Networking architecture. But we also understand that innovation doesn't happen in a vacuum; that your carrier Wi-Fi network has to interface with existing systems. Every outward-facing interface in our architecture is standard.

PHY 802.11abgn (IEEE Std 802.11-2012)
Security 802.11 RSN/WPA (IEEE Std 802.11i)
802.11 Fast Transition (IEEE Std 802.11r)
802.11 RSN Preauthentication (IEEE Std 802.11i)
802.11 PMKSA caching and Opportunistic Key Caching (OKC)
802.1X (IEEE Std 802.1X-2004)
EAP (RFC 3748)
Frame Format Ethernet (IEEE Std 802.3)
Tunneling VLAN (IEEE Std 802.1Q)
L2oGRE (RFC 1701, 2784)
CPE/APs TR-069 (TR-069, TR-098, TR-181 Issue 2)
Core Products SSHv2 (RFC 4250, 4251, 4252, 4253, 4254)
SNMP v2c (RFC 1901)
Methods Pre-Shared Key (IEEE Std 802.11i)
EAP Pass-Through (RFC 3748)
Protocol RADIUS Authentication (RFC 2865, 2869, 2548, 5247, 5080)
Access Control IP Filtering
HTTP Redirection
Bandwidth Limits
Dynamic VLANs
Protocol RADIUS Authorization (RFC 2865, 2868, 4372 , 4849)
RADIUS Dynamic Authorization (RFC 5176)
RADIUS WISPr-Redirection-URL
RADIUS WISPr-Bandwidth-Max-Up/Down
Protocol RADIUS Accounting (RFC 2866, 2869, 4372)
as a Virtual Network Function
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