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Three Pillars of a Successful Carrier Wi-Fi Strategy

  • Usage

    Zero Sign-On

    Leads to orders of magnitude more usage

    Your subscribers have a lot of options when it comes to mobile, and let’s face it: your Wi-Fi network is probably not the first one they’ll think of. So how do you get them to use your network?

    Our solutions offer a simple answer to that question: we remove every barrier to adoption, both for your mobile and your fixed-line subscribers.

    • No software to install on the device
    • No manual registration process
    • No touch authentication

  • Quality

    Radio Policy Control

    Ensures a high-quality user experience

    Great power comes great responsibility — your users won't be grateful if you switch them over from a perfect 3G connection to a homespot on the other end of the block.

    Radio policies defined in the SDWN controller and enforced in the access point lets you selectively target only those devices for which your network can support a high quality Wi-Fi user experience.

    • Dynamic per-device radio policy control
    • Target minimum signal quality or bandwidth
    • Airtime prioritization protects the home user

  • Security

    WPA over the Wire

    Protects the user data plane end-to-end

    When mobile devices automatically connect to your network you also assume more responsibility for the security. But with an ever increasing number of access points this is harder than ever to ensure.

    Our solutions address this issue by extending the IEEE 802.11 encryption across the backhaul; effectively removing the access point from the security equation.

    • Safeguard your subscribers trust in your network
    • Ensure end-to-end security without client software
    • Leverage untrusted APs as a "trusted non-3GPP access"

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