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The Anyfi Cloud-Based WiFi Platform

Centralized Control in the Cloud

  • Functionality fully software defined

  • APIs enabling easy system integration

  • Full control of WiFi service definition

  • Scalable software capable of managing millions of access points

Trusted WiFi Access Gateway

  • 802.11 high-level MAC functions

  • Terminates end-to-end WPA security

  • Built-in RADIUS access controller

  • Scalable software capable of terminating millions of access points


Cloud-Based Analytics & Monitoring

  • Real-time system monitoring

  • Accessible from everywhere

  • State-of-the-art open source tools

Thin Access Points

  • 802.11 PHY and real-time MAC

  • Forwards raw encrypted 802.11 frames – no encryption keys stored

  • Prioritization of airtime fairness to ensure good Quality-of-Experience

  • Upgradable over the network


Key Technology Concepts

Split MAC Layer

One of the key corner stones of the Anyfi Cloud-Based WiFi Platform is the split of the 802.11 MAC layer into two parts: the service layer and the radio layer.

By executing the service layer in a trusted cloud environment, Anyfi Networks provides true WiFi in the cloud, thus enabling network scalability and flexibility.

At the same time, the access point hardware can be kept to a minimum since they are only executing the radio layer of the WiFi MAC, while still allowing for end-to-end encryption.

Separated Data and Control Plane

The separation of control signals from data signals allows for scalable, centralized control of any number of wireless networks, access points, or gateways.


While the Anyfi Controller assures control of service definition, the Anyfi Gateway secures AAA/RADIUS control as well as management and routing of all encrypted data traffic.


And the modular architecture of the platform enables all components to be software defined, and executed in any Linux environment. 

Meeting your WiFi Needs

mobile offloading.jpg

Mobile Offloading

Allows a Mobile Operator to offload its mobile networks seamlessly and securely.

  • Device authentication via EAP-SIM/AKA with state-of-the-art key caching for fast handovers

  • Secure untrusted WiFi access points used for trusted 3GPP access

  • Optimum performance based on cloud-based radio management and Quality-of-Service control

Community WiFi

Fulfills the tough requirements of a secure and efficient community WiFi network.​

  • A unified WiFi radio access network created from individual access points

  • End-to-end encryption guaranteeing a secure connection when using public access points

  • Multiple SSIDs are provided with cloud-based management and encryption

community wifi.jpg


Easy integration of multiple tenants as a service provider offering.

  • RESTful APIs to core functionality allowing for easy service integration

  • Support for social media login, thus minimizing the threshold for consumers to access services

  • Fully-fledged radio resource managing, including automatic channel selection, band steering, and transmit power control

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