Enabling WiFi Access Everywhere

It has never been easier to deploy and manage WiFi networks

Unleashing the Power of WiFi

With our combination of radio access edge, and cloud-based processing and management, WiFi networks have never been easier to deploy, manage, and scale. We call this True WiFi in the Cloud.

Our cloud-based WiFi platform is a software-defined wireless networking system offering scalability, flexibility, and security. With its modularized software solution, controllers, gateways, and monitoring dashboards execute in independent virtual machines.

Massively Scalable

  • Separate control and data planes allow controllers, gateways, and access points to scale independently

  • Policy-based configuration model provides fine-grained control even in large-scale deployments

Outstanding Flexibility

  • Cloud components based on VyOS network OS  suitable for virtualization on commodity x86 hardware

  • Chipset-agnostic access point software that can run on commodity WLAN platforms

Unparalleled Security

  • End-to-end encryption from client device to trusted environment in the cloud

  • No keys need to be stored in access points and no special software is needed in client devices

A Proven Solution

Supplying households in Indonesia with WiFi

  • Live in Jakarta serving 5,000 users through 2,000 APs

  • Hosted by STP Tower, Indonesia

Extending mobile networks in South Africa

  • Field trial in Johannesburg 

  • Hosted by Glocall Telecoms, South Africa


Who We Are


Johan Almbladh

  • Founded in 2010 with several years' of carrier WiFi experience

  • Mature technology platform proven in field

  • Several patents covering the core technology

  • Partnership with STP Tower – a leading Indonesian mobile tower company

Karl Netzell

VP Engineering


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